Staff and Board

Linda Bassick — Director

Linda began reading music shortly after learning to read words, playing the clarinet and then baritone horn for many years in a competitive marching band in the Boston area. She finally picked up a guitar at the age of 19 and as an adult has added flute and trombone to her repertoire.  She has played in many bands where she was the ONLY woman, Currently she is a member of the Burlington based 60’s tribute band, Mellow Yellow, and was a founding member of the  all female rocksteady reggae band, Steady Betty.

Linda has played music for children for MANY years! She has been playing every Friday at the Radio Bean since January of 2013.  She is also  bringing her guitar and shakers to Kids n Fitness in South Burlington and Williston on a weekly basis.

Linda came to GRVT in the first year as a lunch time performer and facilitator of the panel of women performers for the final day of camp.  In years two and three Linda was guitar instructor and band coach.  She took the helm as director in 2013 when founding mother, Christine Mathais moved from the area.

Board of Directors

Gabby Hall — Board Chair
Tessa Anderson — Financial Officer
Lisa Guerrero — Secretary
Phoebe Zorn
Samara Lark Brown
Andy Hard
Jake Ide
Cassandra Besso