Volunteer Job Descriptions

Summer Camp Volunteer Job Descriptions

Some of our volunteer positions require musical knowledge, but many do not. Additionally, volunteer jobs are either full time or part time and the application asks you to list your full availability during the week of camp so we can best place you in these positions. These details are all listed below next to each position title and in some cases have been abbreviated as follows: PT=Part Time, FT=Full Time

For a number of positions, particularly instructor positions, we have a strong preference for self-identified females.  Our goal in doing so is to provide strong female role models for the girls, and show them that girls rock!


Camp Counselor: No musical experience necessary, FT (8:30 am- 5:30 pm) or PT (8:30 am-noon or noon-5:30)

This is one of the most rewarding jobs for volunteers at Girls Rock Vermont. You will serve as a mentor for your assigned band(s) of girls, make sure they are where they need to be at all times, and attend the debrief meeting each day. Camp Counselors with musical experience may also coach campers on their instruments throughout the day and during band practice.


Instrument Instructor: Musical experience needed,  M-F, 9-noon (PT)

Our campers possess a varying range of age and skill level, and many have never touched a musical instrument in their lives. Now it’s time to teach them what you know. You may do some collaborative large-group teaching, as well as small-group sessions (generally 3-5 students per teacher.) You can also meet or email with your fellow instrument instructors at least once before orientation to decide on a curriculum and what style and level of experience each instructor is comfortable teaching. This position combines well with band coach or workshop leader for a full day of volunteering! We are looking for guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. Instrument instructors, although part time, must be available part time each day.


Band Coach: Songwriting/Instrument knowledge needed, M-F, noon-5:30pm (PT)

Band coaches are assigned one band to help prepare a song for the Showcase. You will help the girls during band selection on the first day and assist them each camp day in learning how to play as a group, both musically and interpersonally. You are welcome to make this a full time position by partnering with the Camp Counselor, however this is not required. Band coaches, although part time, must be available part time each day.


Gear Manager: Musical experience necessary, M-F, 8-5 (FT)

Act as a point person for other roadies throughout the week, lift and move heavy objects, and ensure roadie tasks are completed. Must know or be willing to learn how to set up a complete practice space, how to run the camp’s various sound boards for panels, lunch time shows, assemblies and workshops, moving sound partitions, ensuring equipment is treated well, and using interpersonal skills to work with other staff so that they can best utilize the roadie crew.


Roadie: No musical experience necessary, PT or FT

Help set-up, breakdown, and move equipment throughout the week. Responsibilities include: re-configuring rooms for band practice everyday, helping with load in/out, and generally assisting Lead Roadie.


Workshop Teacher: No musical experience necessary, PT either 11 am or 1 pm for one hour

Each of our workshops values developing life skills and self-esteem, as well as encouraging creativity, self-expression, and awareness. Each workshop is delivered to  a group  25 campers   who can range in age from 8-18. This is a great position for instrument instructors who would like to stay at camp through the afternoon. Here are some examples of workshops that have been taught at  rock camp, we are always adding new workshops: Zine writing and production, History of Women in Rock, Yoga, Image and Identity, Songwriting, Teen Issues, Recording Your Band, Production, Engineering, Lighting, and Band T-Shirt Screen Printing. Submit a proposal for the workshop(s) you would like to lead in a separate email (linda@girlsrockvermont.org). Please include answers to the following questions:

1. What is the goal and plan for your workshop? Can it be done in one hour?
2. How does your workshop promote the mission of our organization?
3. What is your experience working with groups of girls in the 18-18 age range ?
4. What is your previous Workshop Leader experience, if any?

5. Will you need any materials and/or tech support?


Camp Support Crew: No musical experience, PT or FT

Throughout the week, you will be called upon to help with daily morning set up, camper check in/out,  volunteer break room maintenance, picking up donations, camper lunch supervision/presence, general clean up including sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, taking out trash, bathroom clean-up, moving gear, Showcase assistance, Merch sales at showcase, and other tasks that help everyone have a great day at Girls Rock Vermont.


Floater: No musical experience necessary, PT or FT

Available to help with last minute needs, runs to the store, filling in for another volunteer, generally lending a hand as necessary. This is a great opportunity for someone who doesn’t have musical experience but really wants to roll up their sleeves and help!


Nurse/Doctor: No musical experience necessary, PT or FT

Available throughout the day as a point person for medical emergencies, minor accidents, helping campers with special medical needs, prescriptions, and assisting the receptionist and Conflict Resolution Crew as needed.


Kitchen Team: No musical experience necessary, PT or FT
Help with snack and lunch preparation, help with kitchen clean-up, make everyone happy by keeping them nourished. May involve some errands: pick up food donations, do supply runs, etc. This position is supervised by the Kitchen Coordinator.

*There is scheduling flexibility with this position; you can sign up for as many or as few shifts as you want.


Photographer/Videographer: No musical experience necessary, PT or FT

We need photographers and videographers to cover the activities of camp. Images will potentially be used on our website, Facebook page,  Instagram and in promotional materials for Girls Rock Vermont and its programs. During camp sessions, photographers and videographers are asked to shoot all aspects of camp in a respectful and non-intrusive way. Immediately following the session, they are asked to deliver edited material to GRVT’s DropBox account.

All photos/videos that are used will be credited. Photographers and Videographers should have past experience shooting special events, and should have their own digital cameras. Photographers will liaise with the Media Coordinator during camp sessions.
*There is scheduling flexibility with this position; you can sign up for as many or as few shifts as you want.

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